acer circinatum painting

Acer circinatum in color, The North American sylva, 1865

Artist(s): Unknown
Common Name: Vine maple
Date: 1865
Image Rights:
Public Domain because of date
Publication: The North American sylva; or, A description of the forest trees of the United States, Canada and Nova Scotia. Considered particularly with respect to their use in the arts and their introduction into commerce. By Michaux, François-André, 1770-1855, Nuttall, Thomas, 1786-1859, and Smith, J. Jay 1798-1881 (Volume 5)
Page/Figure Number: Pl. LXVIII right after page 26
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This source, Panteek, says that Michaux's illustrations were done by Pierre Joseph Redoute and Pancrace Bessa, but I'm unsure of which volumes that included. This vine maple was from volume 5.

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