OurNativePlants.com focuses on native plants found in North America, starting with Canada, the US (including Hawaii) and Mexico. After we get a good grip on those, we plan to expand to all of North America and Central America.

Our Native Plants was founded in 2024. Our focus not only includes plant specs, but we want to focus on other interesting plant information that is not easily found. We found it challenging to find unique information on plants (most of it seems regurgitated from a single source), so our entries include hard to find research articles and sources on plant information. We also wanted to feature public domain art and old vintage guides and books.

We also hope you’ll be interested in all the artwork and items built by artists and business owners that love the native plants like we do!

Our site’s purpose is not only focused on educating the public about native plants, but to connect the native plant community with one another.



Our Native Plants is able to fund two part-time botanists who are crazy about plants! This is made possible with affiliate links.

We are hoping to expand our website capability in the future and add customizable business directory listings and inventory by paying a membership fee.


As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This means if you click on the link and purchase the product, we may get a small commission for the referral.  Thank you for clicking! 

Other companies, like Etsy or individual vendors, are not affiliated and those are just there for your information.

Help the Network Grow

We can add your organization, business name, or plant photos and information! Right now, we’re small and can use any information you can send us! We also accept guest blogs (upon review and approval). Before writing something, please coordinate with us to see if this is something we need prior to writing your article. Please use the contact form above to connect with us.